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The story goes
that a man wishes something away
without understanding its integral importance.

He watches as his life swirls into chaos without this thing
and is lucky enough to wake up
in the forgiving arms of sleep.

What really happens to us
is that we slowly rub ourselves against the grindstone
trying to dissolve our faults,

every day we hope that life
can grind us down
to the essence of our true selves.

We hope, too,
to get the things that we want
but we know

that a wish
like a rainbow
has no tail end.

The eyelash falls
the dandelion scatters
11:11 jumps to 11:12

and life
moves on.

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Between a broad mass of water
lied a girl's camp and two men,
shaking their rubber manhoods in their palms.

The water lapped the shore, making a rhythm to follow.

Would they have walked water if they could,
or did they prefer to stay there, the distance
offering an idea of a girl
the way a paper magazine does?

All I know is that their pearly white
could not have touched the shore
before the police stopped their ideas

from crossing the lake.
Across the Lake
This really happened. Two men were arrested from masturbating across the lake of a girls' camp, down the road from where I lived and worked. Finding that out gave me a pretty bad shock, but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered about why the men chose to do what they did, and to do it from the entire other side of the lake of the camp at that. So I wrote a poem. It's difficult subject matter to swallow, but I've decided to post the poem anyways.
What if we could reach into our heads
and pull our dreams out by the fistful?

There'd be colors we've never seen before,
loose fibers of memory, people we know.

I have heard that every person that populates your dream
has been one you've seen before.

So pick the one you once loved, the co-worker,
the face you saw on the sidewalk

from your bones, and mold them into stone,
let the silk of dream ring 'round your neck,

the colors above the dust, the lost meaning
swimming on your skin, the shadows trailing

like a cape--
take all the brain-velvet

that has slipped across your fingers
and inhale its metal smell.

If you are lucky enough to see in the sun
what dances behind your paper lids in dark,

do not, for the life of you,
let it go.
I wrote this one when I was halfway through a nap. xD
I want to write. I want to keep our imaginations
alive, to find a place for the bitten tongue,
the drowned stuffed animals, the song lyrics,
the lake's sun crystals. I want a place for the
imperfect skin, a body's warmth, the sacred meal,
the dying sun. I want a place for inspiration
and for love, especially resurrected love.
I want to write to feel. I want to write to remember,
to dream. I want to write to have bits of the imagination
I can be proud of.
A Poet's Manifesto
A little freewrite I did in the sun. Meow :3 
I want beauty like dark hill silhouettes
      like cascading piano chords
      like white birch bark like open spaces.

I want beauty like ice cream inside a hot body
      like purple trees against a green sky
      like the slick of rain against the road.

I want beauty like an empty cabin with the sun
      shining through waiting for you.
      I want it like a friend knowing exactly what you mean.

I want beauty pure, the kind that shows you what matters,
      the kind that leaves you breathing steady and whole,
glad to be alive, with just a glimmer of an idea
      of what this life is meant for.


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